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Paul Brady, CEO, 3GtmsPaul Brady, CEO
With the volume of global trade, reaching its pinnacle today, organisations are grooming themselves to deploy cutting-edge technologies in the logistics space and stay ahead in the competition. One of the leading personalised logistics solution providers, Mohawk Global Logistics, was gearing up for the same, seeking a robust transportation management system (TMS). They endeavoured to expand their customer portfolio, deliver newer value-added services and implement EDI to help the customers navigate the complexities of transport management and ultimately achieve enhancements in their logistics services.

And the troubleshooter for them was 3Gtms, a transport management solution provider offering cloud-based, work-from-anywhere, adaptable software that catalyses a business and helps to manage the complete transportation cycle. They were the preferred choice for Mohawk owing to the flexibility that the software provides to the clients with access to the system, creating a load, and delivering personalised logistics services. 3Gtms’ single-platform solution provided real-time responses to challenges and issues, right from the order-creation in the ERP through the delivery and financial settlement. Mohawk could also self-configure the solution without costly, long-term contracts. Besides, the improved automation presented by 3Gtms’ software assisted in increasing productivity and responsiveness.

So what does 3Gtms has in store?

They offer an end-to-end solution for transportation management with their multi-mode TMS for mid to large 3PLs, shippers, brokers and forwarders. It is the broadest and the most holistic TMS in the industry. It is intuitive with capabilities of real-time management of the entire order-to-settlement process, quote management, rating, routing and optimisation, tracking or tracing capabilities, continuous visibility and many more.

Moreover, they are the sole provider of a single-platform TMS solution. Besides, it helps in load execution involving spot quoting and waterfall and broadcast tendering, financial settlement and audit of cost and billing charges.

3Gtms solution has been the preferred choice for several logistics companies due to its agility and usability with electronic or web services-based order capture, vendor and customer collaboration, electronic routing guide management, customer and carrier contract management, optimal carrier selection, among other features.

3Gtms’ rating and contract management capabilities allow fast, intuitive and audit-quality accuracy for multiple rate options that support planning and billing conditions for optimal shipment. One can accurately rate parcels, truckload and intermodal, and simultaneously calculate the real cost.

What’s more? 3Gtms portrays significant competence in planning and optimisation. It is the first and only TMS system that provides continuous pool optimisation that allows planning for shipments incrementally through a network as new freights turn up for planning. It also enables dynamic pooling and cross-docking, and integrated map views.

Adding further to the platform’s extensive features is the excellent execution and visibility that allows real-time communication with customers and partners through their TMS dashboards. Additionally, they simplify workflow from data entry to reporting and enhance efficiency on customer billing, freight bill audits and several other financial aspects with better automation while allotting freight costs and charges.

Featuring the differentiating factor is the rapid integration and onboarding speed of the software, which is often the key feature that drives the customers to plump for 3Gtms solutions.

With years of industry-presence, the company has built the most experienced team in the industry, upholding immense dedication to ensure that its TMS software delivers cost-efficiency and the desired performance. Their team comprises experts across the transportation software industry, as well as the other fields. The team is constantly striving to stimulate innovation in the transport management realm and focus on their attrition rates to guarantee strong customer partnerships and a firm devotion towards perennial success.

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Paul Brady, CEO

Delivers an order to settlement TMS software for shippers, brokers, and 3PLs focusing on simplifying the process of complex transportation management.Built as a single system, 3G-TM software seamlessly manages the full transportation life-cycle including: rating, routing (multi-stop and pool distribution optimization), tendering, tracking, tracing and settlement.