LIS: Unveiling a Modular Transport Management Software

Magnus Wagner, CEO, LISMagnus Wagner, CEO
An efficient transportation management system can become a profit engine for organisations. These systems supplement efficiently to simplifying and streamlining logistics, thereby helping businesses save their valuable time and cost. However, organisations must wisely choose the right TMS for their business that easily blends into their workflows and cater to their business requirements.

To that end, Logistics Information Systems (LIS), a Germany-based company, offers the space to explore leading transportation management that caters to almost every need of the industry with ease of integration and maintenance. Be it the logistics companies, forwarding agencies, or shipping companies, LIS' software covers it for all. Their solutions facilitate automotive logistics, optimal handling of intermodal freight, independent of the transport mode, bundling and scheduling cargo into groupage, making them more reliable, effective and seamless.

WinSped®, the modular logistic software, is the vanguard of LIS' transport management solutions. It unlocks the opportunity to leverage the digital transport world. This software product can sustain almost every process and workflow in the freight administration for the freight industry and loading industry. WinSped® comprises multiple modules that can be combined to provide maximum support for various customer requirements. Moreover, it allows cost-effective and easy integration in practically any environment, where the users can integrate only the software module that their business requires. When it comes to the preference of the users, the flexibility to integrate, the advanced system architecture, and the security play the key factors for their choice.

Focusing on digital trends and their benefits, LIS offers cloud services to its clients through ASP or 'Application Service Providing'. With a web client, the user can access the WinSped® program from any computer, from any location via the internet. For every computing centre, the required software components are assembled in the same location. This speeds up the program flow and optimises performance. With this, users can enter or edit data, access the data, any time with protected credentials in the same manner as done in the workstation.

WinSped® enables LIS to present a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, including dispatching, Electronic Loading List, document management system, graphical dispatching, freight calculation and inspection, fleet administration, cross-docking, load optimisation, telematic integration, and many more.

In addition to WinSped®, LIS offers WebSped® that helps to build an internet portal for the forwarding agencies. It features simple, variable administration and designable templates, online generation, status generation, and tracking and tracing functions. Each of the functional modules, like WebSped® Order, WebSped® TRACKING & TRACING, WebSped® DMS, WebSped® LAGER and many more, can be easily connected to the WinSped environment. Besides, WebSped also ensures proper authorisation for data access with its multiple safety system.

Adding more to the prolific list of the solutions, LIS provides practical remote maintenance. By virtue of this, their support staff can access the user's computer remotely and offer solutions.

LIS is backed by a strong team of 180 plus employees who are experts in the logistics discipline. They work towards a common goal of efficiently developing top-notch software solutions and assisting the organisations in adapting and optimally utilising the solutions. LIS also focuses on providing constant training to their employees to ensure they match the industry levels.

For more than forty years, LIS has been contributing to the industry now with successful TMS installations. And today they are the industry leader for standardised logistic software in the transporting business. Despite the long-term impact that they have established in the market, LIS is still keen on developing new strategies to stay ahead in business and continue being the leading transportation management system supplier.

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Magnus Wagner, CEO

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