Transmetrics: Optimising Logistics with Data Analytics

Jon Fath, CEO, TransmetricsJon Fath, CEO
Any logistics firm's central goal is to fine-tune its supply chain management from the first mile to the last. However, unlike other industries that have advanced in their digital transformation journey, the supply chain industry is still highly reliant on manual, paper-driven processes. From the warehouses and docks to the vehicles that transport goods across multiple locations, a logistics planner's work encompasses a large number of variables. Planning these logistic processes with outdated and antiquated processes can be cumbersome, making it impossible to build a usable baseline for operations and thereby manage those operations.

The answer to these underlying pain points is the use of Advanced analytics driven by AI that enables organisations— large or small—to take advantage of the latest developments in machine learning. This is where, Bulgaria-based company, Transmetrics takes centerstage, leveraging the power of machine learning and predictive analytics to optimise transport planning. The company combines humans' cognitive intelligence and artificial intelligence, ensuring the highest operational benefits and reducing logistics’ environmental impact.

The smart all-in-one platform of Transmetrics delivers integrated multi-variate demand, supply, and positioning forecasts for logistics and asset management. The platform seamlessly integrates with all major TMS, ERP or Asset Management software to set up an automated process of data extraction for cleansing and AI enrichment. It resolves any discrepancies in the data quality, including missing events, values, and dimensions, as well as duplications and outliers.

As a result, organisations get detailed historical reporting on operational performance and enhanced visibility on trends and inefficiencies.

Once the data is extracted, Transmetrics leverages its AI algorithms to combine historical shipment data with relevant external factors to forecast future demand visibility. Built with predictive analytics, the Transmetrics platform enables organisations to react proactively to the dynamic market conditions and optimise their operations accordingly to handle the upcoming demand. It generates a daily rolling forecast of forthcoming shipment volumes on the most granular level per origin-destination.

Finally, using the algorithms, the Transmetrics platform calculates the most optimal planning to use the organisations’ resources based on the historical data, expected service levels, business requirements, and costs. This allows planning managers to precisely determine whether to decrease or increase capacity, use their fleet or subcontractors, where to reposition assets, and much more.

Transmetrics Platform helps organisations seamlessly improve capacity utilisation, achieve multi-million savings, and reduce their environmental impact through asset positioning, linehaul planning, last-mile planning, and maintenance planning. A case in point is the customer success story of a courier company, DPD, that faced the common issue of forecasting demand by hiring more trucks during peak periods, specifically around holidays. Due to this, they often had to overspend for trucks and drivers. After implanting Transmetrics’ AI platform, the courier company received better data about their loading capacity and improved network capacity management. This allowed them to improve forecasting their numbers and decrease their deficits.

Established in 2013, Telemetrics has grown from 4 co-founders to a team of more than 35 highly-skilled employees who work with renowned cargo and logistics companies around the globe. The company has also won several accolades for their transforming work in the logistics industry. Last year, Transmetrics opened an office in Amsterdam, making it a truly international company. The company now plans to add more innovative features to its platform to serve its clients better than ever.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

Jon Fath, CEO

Transmetrics connects with your TMS, ERP, and asset management system. An automated process of data extraction is set up and machine learning algorithms are deployed to improve (and enrich) data quality. It resolves data quality issues such as missing events, values, and dimensions, as well as duplications and outliers. As a result, you get detailed historical reporting on operational performance and enhanced visibility on trends and inefficiencies.