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Top 10 Transport Management Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

Today, the logistics industry trends are driven by next-gen logistics management solutions leading the charge in making the global supply chains more customer-centric and sustainable. And as a critical part of the logistics infrastructure, the transportation sector is also offering the most cost-effective, flexible, and efficient services. In fact, some of the biggest trends in the transportation industry include rapid cloud-based systems adoption, self-driving trucks, visibility, and anti-theft GPS, and more. Consequently, the transport tech arena is witnessing a boom in state-of-the-art solutions that leverage innovative technologies such as AI, blockchain, ML, and data analytics to boost logistics operations’ efficiencies significantly.

With such premium technologies coming to the fore, the transport management space is headed in the direction of transformative changes. A prime example of the tech-driven transition is the combination of blockchain and cryptography, which is being utilized to monitor the performance history of carriers and other suppliers. Simultaneously, with IoT advancements, logistics firms can gain real-time driving, live video streams, and additional information relating to driver safety. Similarly, transport management solution vendors are also powering their offerings with other emerging technology to transform the transportation space into a safe, efficient, and cost-efficient ecosystem.

In this edition of Logistics Tech Outlook, we are featuring the Top 10 Transport Management Solution Providers in Europe – 2021. We sincerely hope to provide our readers with meaningful insights through a leaflet full of emerging trends from the TMS tech world and exclusive industry insights from industry experts.

We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Transport Management Solution Providers in Europe – 2021.”

    Top Transport Management Solution Companies in Europe

  • Delivers an order to settlement TMS software for shippers, brokers, and 3PLs focusing on simplifying the process of complex transportation management.Built as a single system, 3G-TM software seamlessly manages the full transportation life-cycle including: rating, routing (multi-stop and pool distribution optimization), tendering, tracking, tracing and settlement.

  • LIS


    Provides solutions caterign to the idea of Universal, high-performance interfaces over all relevant information of the transport chain in a central data management

  • Logentia is Finland-based transportation management software and expert company that offers innovative solutions, enabling industries, wholesalers, and online retailers to optimise their transportation cost and improve the bottom line. The company transportation management software optimises the transport selection, eliminates invoicing errors, improves the reliability of delivery, and reduces the time taken to manage transportations. Further, as transparency in the transportation contract is a significant concern for organisations due to different formats of the information regarding the price and delivery time, Logentia delivers a cloud-based service that digitalises and stores organisations’ transportation contracts and provides the price and delivery time information for all available transportation alternatives

  • MPO


    MPO is the only unified global SaaS platform for the supply chain orchestration of orders, inventory, and transport across multiple parties in dynamic business networks to boost both customer experience and operational excellence. The flexible and fully configurable system empowers MPO’s clients with full control and visibility over their supply chain across their entire business. It helps improve performance with streamlined automation, increase customer satisfaction exponentially, and obtain granular insights about performance metrics for carriers and customer deliveries. With a simple to use, interactive UI, the MPO platform allows users to navigate strategic KPIs and relevant information pertaining to resources, milestones, and costs through intuitive dashboards, simplifying and streamlining their workflow operations in real time, which, in 2021 is critical to addressing continuous disruptions in the supply chain

  • Transmetrics connects with your TMS, ERP, and asset management system. An automated process of data extraction is set up and machine learning algorithms are deployed to improve (and enrich) data quality. It resolves data quality issues such as missing events, values, and dimensions, as well as duplications and outliers. As a result, you get detailed historical reporting on operational performance and enhanced visibility on trends and inefficiencies.

  • Alpega Group

    Alpega Group

    Alpega Group is a leading global logistics software company offering modular solutions that cover all transportation and logistics complexity needs. By bringing together the best solutions and market expertise, the Alpega Group has created the transportation industry’s only scalable end-to-end software suite.Alpega TMS empowers transport professionals to manage the logistics and supply chain processes, it transforms global and local supply chains into collaborative ecosystems, bringing together all parties involved.

  • Navitrans


    Navitrans is a very complete software, built for the industry, designed for efficiency. It translates the complex reality of transporters, forwarding companies and other logistic service providers into easy-to-control processes.It is developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the successor of NAV, the business solution from Microsoft that structures financial and operational business processes. The integrated software enables everyone in your organization to optimize their daily activities and provides them with the relevant information to take the right decisions.

  • SupplyStack


    SupplyStack is a full circle, cloud-based TMS that unifies all your shipments on one platform, making your transportation flows, well ..., flow a lot better.

  • Ubidata


    Specialises in providing mobile logistics solutions using Telematic, Smartphone, Track & Trace and data integration technologies

  • Visual Trans

    Visual Trans

    Dveloping software and ERP solutions for transportation and logistics (freight forwarders, customs agents, consignees and comprehensive logistics operators) for more than 20 years